Welcome to the National Committee of Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) for Oceania website. We are always seeking new members who are in the early stages of their career in polar career. You can become a member of APECS Oceania through the APECS International website.

APECS Oceania encompasses Australia, New Zealand and the Oceania region. This website is the place to keep up to date with announcements about committee activities, research vacancies, scholarship opportunities, conferences, news features, and other articles showcasing polar science in action. At APECS Oceania we have a special focus on Antarctica and the Southern Ocean; however, we welcome all early career polar professionals! 

The above film is by Stephen Curtain on Vimeo.

You can be come a member of APECS Oceania please visit the APECS International – Join APECS website. Our news feed can be found under News and minutes to meetings under Meeting MinutesOtherwise, follow us on Facebook or TwitterFuture Events and Past Events can be found on the Events page. Resources for the polar early career scientist can be found under Resources, including Jobs & Opportunities as well as various Links & Supporters. More information about APECS Oceania can be found in the About Us section, including how to Contact Us.

Remember to join APECS Oceania through the APECS International – Join APECS website.