APECS Webinar: “Tell me more!”: Connecting with Lay Readers through Plain Language

 APECS online webinar is pleased to introduce the last webinar of the 2014-2015 series:“Tell me more!”: Connecting with Lay Readers through Plain Language.

May 6, 3:00pm GMT

Registration URL: Click Here

1) Would you like to share your research with popular audiences?

2) Do you find it challenging to write lay summaries for grant applications?

This webinar should help you better respond to both of these situations: in it I outline the basic principles of plain language—simplicity, brevity, and clarity—and show you how to achieve them in writing. We will work with examples from your areas of expertise to illustrate how to apply these principles to scientific discourse. You should leave this webinar with a clear understanding of how to apply these principles to your own writing to communicate effectively with non-specialist readers.

If you would like to see worked examples from your own writing, please email a manuscript draft or publication to heather.graves@ualberta.ca, and I will use some of your text in my illustrations.

Heather Graves is a professor at the university of Alberta working in the following areas: Rhetoric, writing studies, technical communication, business and professional communication. Her specialties are the rhetoric of science, writing studies in Canada, writing theory and pedagogy.

Webinars are interactive presentations and workshops, for which APECS uses the online conferencing program “GoToMeeting”. This live presentation platform allows participants to hear the presentation, see the power points slides and interact via chat box with the presenter the entire time. Webinars allow people to connect and participant in high quality research and skill training discussions from the comfort of their desk!

How to participate? Register and reserve your spot: here

For more information about this Webinar, contact chavarie@ualberta.ca. On behalf of APECS, let me thank-you for attending this Webinar

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