“Addressing future Antarctic challenges from an Oceania perspective”

18th – 19th September 2017

        Monash University, Melbourne (Australia)

Global change now, more than ever before, is threatening society and biodiversity around the planet. The Antarctic region is no exception, and whilst largely considered to be pristine, and a “nature reserve, devoted to peace and science”, it is actually at risk from multiple pressures. The Antarctic Peninsula has experienced one of the most rapid temperature rises in the Southern Hemisphere, and managing invasive species has been labelled as the number one priority of the Antarctic Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP). Tourist numbers to the region continue to grow and each year more countries are interested in joining the Antarctic Treaty System and being involved with the governance of Antarctica. We are only beginning to understand what these changes mean for Antarctic science, biodiversity and society.

What can the Oceania region do to help address future Antarctic challenges and in what way can we contribute to perpetuate the aims of the Antarctic Treaty and the Protocol for Environmental Protection? The 1st APECS Oceania symposium aims to bring together early career Antarctic researchers from across Oceania to address these questions and highlight what our region can contribute to tackling future Antarctic challenges.


The symposium will run on 18th – 19th of September as part of Polar Week celebrations worldwide.


The symposium will be held in Australia with presentations from early career scientists and keynote speakers. For NZ speakers unable to attend in person – we can  connect via video link to allow attendees to participate from across the Tasman Sea.

The venue for this event will be:

Australia: Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria

Abstract Submission:

Opening: A call for abstracts is now open

Closes: Abstract submission closes on the 30th of July 2017

Click link here for Abstract submission


  • All abstracts will be written in English
  • Abstract must be limited to 300 words
  • Include your name and any other authors involved in this presentation
  • Include your institution and your additional author institutions
  • Include a short title which summarises your presentation
  • State which session you want your abstract to be submitted to


Registration to attend the APECS Oceania Symposium are now open. To Register click here


This event is sponsored by Monash University.

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