Happy 2019

APECS Oceania wishes everyone the very best for 2019. As a new year’s resolution, we have updated the APECS Oceania homepage. Take some time to look around. We are trying to have an updated Events section, while looking at improving our Members section. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Before we ended the year, 2018, we has the Annual General Meeting (5th December, 2018) held at the University of Tasmania Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies. New members of the National Committee were selected. Minutes can be found under News – Meeting Minutes.

This year, APECS Oceania will be contributing towards the SouthCOP 2019 conference in New Zealand, participating in Antarctica Day events, and hosting our 2nd APECS Oceania Symposium. In 2020, APECS Oceania will be involved in the 9th Open Science Conference presented by SCAR and will be held in Hobart, Tasmania!!! Some details can be found under Events – Future Events; while some past events have been updated under Events – Past Events.

If you need to contact us, do not hesitate. Our email is apecs.oceania@gmail.com and one our our National Committee members will be in contact with you.

All the best,

APECS Oceania

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