Call for social media and website manager(s)

APECS Oceania has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and its own website.  We are seeking social media and website enthusiasts to help us maintain and build these!  See below for a description of the potential roles, noting this is all dependent on the interest and time commitment of the applicants.

Website manager(s) 

Role: updating and managing the APECS Oceania website (WordPress site) including ~weekly updates of the news, events, and jobs and opportunities page, as well as occasional updates of the other website pages

Time commitment: ~1 hr a week

Social media team

Role: posting and maintaining a presence on Twitter and Facebook (@APECSOceania) with an aim to post 1-3 times a day Monday to Friday (we do not expect the social media team to post on weekends and public holidays but they can if they wish)

Time commitment: dependent on number of people and how the team wishes to manage the social media.  Previously we have had a sole twitter manager and sole facebook manager who each spent ~2hrs a week managing these platforms.

Social media and website back-up team

Role: support the website manager(s) and social media team during times of unavailability (i.e. if they are in the field).  This is designed to have a list of people who can take over management/presence on these platforms during times that the main teams are not available.

Time commitment: occasional periods of ~2hrs per week

***All positions are required to follow the 2019 APECS Oceania social media guidelines. 

To assist in the hand-over to the new team we will have a short meeting (via the video conferencing system, Zoom) between 9-13th October, to inform what has been done to date, expectations, etc., and a short hand-over document will be available for each communication platform. We require the new team to start their roles by the 13th September to provide communications prior and during Polar Week (23-28th September).

Please send you expression of interest to with your name, work/study place, country, your availability and which role(s) you are interested in applying for by 5th September.

If you have any questions regarding the roles please contact Alyce Hancock,

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