First APECS Oceania Bulletin

Welcome to the first APECS Oceania Bulletin!!! We will be aiming to send these out quarterly to keep all our members informed of what is happening in APECS Oceania, upcoming dates and events, opportunities and ways to get more involved in APECS Oceania.

Feedback from the APECS Oceania meeting

We had our last open meeting on the 29th August. Here’s a short summary:

  • Art-Science-Collaboration: the APECS International Art group searches for people who are interested in organising an event/exhibition of local artists (more information below in “opportunities”). There is some space available at Hobart June to August 2020 around the Australian Antarctic Festival and SCAR 2020, so if anyone is keen to organise something in Hobart, please message us ( 
  • Polar Week September 2019: This time APECS Oceania is very busy organising events in the upcoming Polar Week (see below in “upcoming events”)! Events will provide zoom links where possible, so it will be possible for everyone to join!
  • APECS workshop for SCAR 2020: Before the start of the conference SCAR 2020 in Hobart, APECS will organise a workshop. If you are keen to help out with the organisation, please keep your eye out for further announcements coming soon!
  • Australian Antarctic Science Strategic Plan: APECS Oceania has put together a comment to the AASSP on behalf of APECS Oceania ECRs.

The next meeting is scheduled for mid- to late-October.

Upcoming Events

Polar Week 23rd – 29th September

APECS Oceania region

Wednesday 18th September: Public Forum: “The Southern Ocean: Australian interests, collaboration and challenges”, University of Tasmania, Hobart. More information here

Thursday 19th September – Pint of History – The Frozen Desert featuring Hanne Nielsen (APECS Oceania/UTAS), Elizabeth Lane (UTAS) and others, Shambles Brewery Hobart. More information here

Saturday 21st September – Hobart local social catch-up; ice-skating! Glenorchy Ice Skating Rink Hobart. More information here

Monday 23rd September – Melbourne local social catch-up. More information here

Tuesday 24th September – APECS/MASS Seminar Series “Human Perspectives on Antarctica” featuring Hanne Nielsen, Shaun Brooks and Jessica Melbourne-Thomas, IMAS Aurora Lecture Theatre, Hobart and online via zoom. More information here.

Wednesday 25th September – APECS Oceania Webinar “Polar Art” featuring Gabby O’Connor. More information here.

Friday 27th September – APECS Iberoamericana online conference (in Spanish). More information here.

Friday 27th September – APECS/BOTES Polar Week Quiz, IMAS Flex Space Hobart. More information here. Book your tables now!

Tentative date 2nd October – APECS/DataTas “Antarctic Mapping” workshop, IMAS Aurora Lecture Theatre Hobart. More information coming soon.

APECS International 

Monday 23rd – Sunday 29th September: Polar September Selfie challenge, share your science and polar experiences on social media using the hashtag #ScientistsWhoSelfie!

Monday 23rd – Saturday 28th September: Polar Film Fest with USAPECS, submission form and more information can be found here.

… and other events like a photo contest with the Alpine Cryosphere Group or Polar Art interviews! Keep your eyes open on APECS International social media channels!

New Zealand Antarctic Season Opener 3rd – 8th October

Many exciting events are happening in Christchurch for the New Zealand Antarctic Season opener. More information coming soon.

Upcoming conferences

SouthCOP “Southern Hemisphere Conference in Permafrost” 4-14 December, Queenstown.  See here for more information

SCAR2020 31 July-11 August 2020, Hobart. Opportunities to be involved will be advertised soon!

*Are you attending a conference and would like to represent and promote APECS Oceania, please get in touch

APECS Oceania opportunities

  • Join the APECS Oceania social media team! We are seeking social media enthusiasts to help communication, promote and engage APECS Oceania, for more information see here.
  • Do you have a passion for communicating polar science through art? We are seeking people to lead and coordinate art-science collaborations in Australia and New Zealand, for more information see here.
  • Local social catch-ups; we are seeking keen people to organise local social catch-ups around Australia and New Zealand to provide APECS Oceania members in that region a way to meet, catch-up and form a network.  If you are interested in running an event in your region please contact

*Do you have ideas for other potential APECS Oceania projects, or want to get more involved please get in touch

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our website for continual updates and opportunities!!

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