APECS Oceania/Datatas – “Antarctic Mapping in R” Workshop

As part of International Polar Week, APECS Oceania (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) collaborated with Datatas to provide a workshop tackling all the difficulties of producing a good map. Specifically, the workshop was a mixture of the theory behind Antarctic Mapping in A with hands on practical examples using R mapping techniques including SOmap.

Presenters – Dale Maschette (AAD)

An audio and the slides for this workshop are available below;


*If you wish to follow along with the examples then please make sure you have R installed already on your laptop (preferably the latest version of R studio – R v 3.6.1 for software).

Additional packages required include:
tidyverse, sf, maps, sp, maptools, and raster which are all available on cran and some from github such as:

remotes::install_github(“AustralianAntarcticDivision/SOmap”, ref = “dev-0.5”).

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