About Us

APECS Oceania is the National Committee for Australian and New Zealand for the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS). APECS Oceania was founded in 2012 any currently we have over 200 members throughout Australia and New Zealand. APECS Oceania is an interdisciplinary organisation working across countries and regions, APECS provides a platform for promoting collaborations and exchange among its members and with the wider polar research community, endeavouring to create a continuum of leadership in polar sciences.

The goals of APECS include creating opportunities for the development of innovative, international, and interdisciplinary collaborations among current early career polar researchers as well as recruiting, retaining, and promoting the next generation of polar enthusiasts.

Strategic Plan (2021-2023)

The APECS Oceania 2021-2023 Strategic Plan provides a strategic direction and focus for APECS Oceania for general operations and to provide value to the APECS Oceania membership. The APECS Oceania Strategic Plan was developed to operate underneath the APECS International 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, of which APECS Oceania is a national committee, and provide specific guidance with a greater focus on Oceania and the needs, challenges and wants of the Oceania membership.

APECS Oceania has identified five focal areas that will inform the strategy for 2021-23:

1. Viable Career Paths

2. Diversity and Collaboration

3. Skill Development

4. Strengthening Relationships with the Polar Sector

5. Getting People Involved

See here for the full APECS Oceania Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan for 2021-2023.

2021-2022 Executive Committee

President: currently vacant

Secretary: currently vacant

APECS Oceania International Representatives: Rebecca Duncan (UTS & UNIS) and 

Senior Officers: Gabriela Roldan (Gateway Antarctica), Meagan Dewar (Federation), Alyce Hancock (SOOS)

2021-2022 Council Members

Vicki Heinrich (UTAS)

Alex Aves (University of Canterbury)

Nina Gallo (Independent)

Alexis Marshall (University of Waikato)

2021-2022 Social Media Team

Rebecca Duncan (UTS & UNIS)


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