About Us

APECS Oceania is the National Committee for Australian and New Zealand for the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS). APECS Oceania was founded in 2012 any currently we have over 120 members throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our goal is to create a network students (undergraduate, Master and PhD), postdoctoral researchers, recent faculty appointees and polar educators interested in polar science across Australia and New Zealand.

APECS Oceania strives to connect our members with  research vacancies, scholarship opportunities, conferences and news features, while showcasing articles about polar science in action. New early career polar scientists are always welcome and you can become a member of APECS Oceania through the APECS International – Join APECS website.

APECS Oceania Aims

  • Create a network of polar researchers across all polar disciplines in Australia and New Zealand;
  • Provide seminars, workshops and networking events at polar conferences and events held in Australia and New Zealand;
  • Provide opportunities for career development;
  • Promote education and outreach.

2019-2020 Executive Committee

President: Alyce Hancock (IMAS & SOOS)

Secretary: Katie Marx (IMAS)

APECS Oceania International Representatives: Natalia Ribeiro (IMAS)

Senior Officers: Hanne Nielsen (UTAS), Gabriela Roldan (Gateway Antarctica), Jasmine Lee (Monash), Meagan Dewar (Federation)

2019-2020 Council Members

Oakes Holland

Svenja Halfter

Laetitia Laudscher

2019-2020 Social Media Team

Bec Duncan (UNIS)

Erica Spain (IMAS)


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