APECS Oceania Seminar Series – “Human perspectives on Antarctica”

As part of International Polar Week, APECS Oceania (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) presents a MASS on our impact on the icy continent. Our speakers will cover three perspectives starting with an overview of 60 years of the Antarctic treaty, then looking at the human footprint on the continent and finally considering conservation and management of marine ecosystems. Please come along to hear about the human side of Antarctica as well as learning more about APECS Oceania!

Presenters – Dr Hanne Nielsen (UTAS), Shaun Brooks (AAD), Dr Jessica Melbourne-Thomas (CSIRO)

First APECS Oceania Bulletin

Welcome to the first APECS Oceania Bulletin!!! We will be aiming to send these out quarterly to keep all our members informed of what is happening in APECS Oceania, upcoming dates and events, opportunities and ways to get more involved in APECS Oceania.

Feedback from the APECS Oceania meeting

We had our last open meeting on the 29th August. Here’s a short summary:

  • Art-Science-Collaboration: the APECS International Art group searches for people who are interested in organising an event/exhibition of local artists (more information below in “opportunities”). There is some space available at Hobart June to August 2020 around the Australian Antarctic Festival and SCAR 2020, so if anyone is keen to organise something in Hobart, please message us (apecs.oceania@gmail.com). 
  • Polar Week September 2019: This time APECS Oceania is very busy organising events in the upcoming Polar Week (see below in “upcoming events”)! Events will provide zoom links where possible, so it will be possible for everyone to join!
  • APECS workshop for SCAR 2020: Before the start of the conference SCAR 2020 in Hobart, APECS will organise a workshop. If you are keen to help out with the organisation, please keep your eye out for further announcements coming soon!
  • Australian Antarctic Science Strategic Plan: APECS Oceania has put together a comment to the AASSP on behalf of APECS Oceania ECRs.

The next meeting is scheduled for mid- to late-October.

Upcoming Events

Polar Week 23rd – 29th September

APECS Oceania region

Wednesday 18th September: Public Forum: “The Southern Ocean: Australian interests, collaboration and challenges”, University of Tasmania, Hobart. More information here

Thursday 19th September – Pint of History – The Frozen Desert featuring Hanne Nielsen (APECS Oceania/UTAS), Elizabeth Lane (UTAS) and others, Shambles Brewery Hobart. More information here

Saturday 21st September – Hobart local social catch-up; ice-skating! Glenorchy Ice Skating Rink Hobart. More information here

Monday 23rd September – Melbourne local social catch-up. More information here

Tuesday 24th September – APECS/MASS Seminar Series “Human Perspectives on Antarctica” featuring Hanne Nielsen, Shaun Brooks and Jessica Melbourne-Thomas, IMAS Aurora Lecture Theatre, Hobart and online via zoom. More information here.

Wednesday 25th September – APECS Oceania Webinar “Polar Art” featuring Gabby O’Connor. More information here.

Friday 27th September – APECS Iberoamericana online conference (in Spanish). More information here.

Friday 27th September – APECS/BOTES Polar Week Quiz, IMAS Flex Space Hobart. More information here. Book your tables now!

Tentative date 2nd October – APECS/DataTas “Antarctic Mapping” workshop, IMAS Aurora Lecture Theatre Hobart. More information coming soon.

APECS International 

Monday 23rd – Sunday 29th September: Polar September Selfie challenge, share your science and polar experiences on social media using the hashtag #ScientistsWhoSelfie!

Monday 23rd – Saturday 28th September: Polar Film Fest with USAPECS, submission form and more information can be found here.

… and other events like a photo contest with the Alpine Cryosphere Group or Polar Art interviews! Keep your eyes open on APECS International social media channels!

New Zealand Antarctic Season Opener 3rd – 8th October

Many exciting events are happening in Christchurch for the New Zealand Antarctic Season opener. More information coming soon.

Upcoming conferences

SouthCOP “Southern Hemisphere Conference in Permafrost” 4-14 December, Queenstown.  See here for more information

SCAR2020 31 July-11 August 2020, Hobart. Opportunities to be involved will be advertised soon!

*Are you attending a conference and would like to represent and promote APECS Oceania, please get in touch apecs.oceania@gmail.com

APECS Oceania opportunities

  • Join the APECS Oceania social media team! We are seeking social media enthusiasts to help communication, promote and engage APECS Oceania, for more information see here.
  • Do you have a passion for communicating polar science through art? We are seeking people to lead and coordinate art-science collaborations in Australia and New Zealand, for more information see here.
  • Local social catch-ups; we are seeking keen people to organise local social catch-ups around Australia and New Zealand to provide APECS Oceania members in that region a way to meet, catch-up and form a network.  If you are interested in running an event in your region please contact apecs.oceania@gmail.com

*Do you have ideas for other potential APECS Oceania projects, or want to get more involved please get in touch apecs.oceania@gmail.com

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our website for continual updates and opportunities!!

Call out for art-science collaborations enthusiasts

APECS International Art group is searching for people who are interested in boosting art-science collaborations in Australia and New Zealand. If you have a passion for communicating polar science through art we need you!

We are hoping to build a team to help plan, foster and organise such collaborations with potential spaces available for event/exhibitions in Hobart June – August 2020 around the Australian Antarctic Festival and SCAR 2020.

If you are keen to help plan and organises such collaborations and events, please message us (apecs.oceania@gmail.com).

Call for social media and website manager(s)

APECS Oceania has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and its own website.  We are seeking social media and website enthusiasts to help us maintain and build these!  See below for a description of the potential roles, noting this is all dependent on the interest and time commitment of the applicants.

Website manager(s) 

Role: updating and managing the APECS Oceania website https://apecsoceania.com/ (WordPress site) including ~weekly updates of the news, events, and jobs and opportunities page, as well as occasional updates of the other website pages

Time commitment: ~1 hr a week

Social media team

Role: posting and maintaining a presence on Twitter and Facebook (@APECSOceania) with an aim to post 1-3 times a day Monday to Friday (we do not expect the social media team to post on weekends and public holidays but they can if they wish)

Time commitment: dependent on number of people and how the team wishes to manage the social media.  Previously we have had a sole twitter manager and sole facebook manager who each spent ~2hrs a week managing these platforms.

Social media and website back-up team

Role: support the website manager(s) and social media team during times of unavailability (i.e. if they are in the field).  This is designed to have a list of people who can take over management/presence on these platforms during times that the main teams are not available.

Time commitment: occasional periods of ~2hrs per week

***All positions are required to follow the 2019 APECS Oceania social media guidelines. 

To assist in the hand-over to the new team we will have a short meeting (via the video conferencing system, Zoom) between 9-13th October, to inform what has been done to date, expectations, etc., and a short hand-over document will be available for each communication platform. We require the new team to start their roles by the 13th September to provide communications prior and during Polar Week (23-28th September).

Please send you expression of interest to apecs.oceania@gmail.com with your name, work/study place, country, your availability and which role(s) you are interested in applying for by 5th September.

If you have any questions regarding the roles please contact Alyce Hancock, alyce.hancock10@gmail.com

Institute of Australian Geographers Conference (Hobart, Tasmania)

The Institute of Australian Geographers Conference for 2019 was held in Hobart at the Wrest Point Convention and Entertainment Center from the 9th to the 12th of July. Thanks to the generosity of the conference organisers, APECS Oceania was represented very well through the assistance of Nathaniel Young, a National Representative of APECS Oceania:

  • A small stall was set up with the APECS flag, flyers and pins, free of charge;

  • At the end of the Antarctic Connections sessions, APECS Oceania was promoted in a talk to approximately 20 attendees.

During the first day, APECS Oceania was also plugged by Nathaniel Young at the end of his talk on “Time series of crustal motion using GNSS: Exploring the expression of systematic errors“, highlighting the positive support the APECS Oceania and its members have offered during the span of his project.

Hopefully, through this exposure, more people become aware of this unique group, and its possibilities.

Winter Catch-up in Hobart

Winter is finally here (… and we didn’t have to wait eight seasons for it)!

APECS Oceania is hosting a local social catch-up for those living in or visiting Hobart in Tasmania on Friday the 5th of July 2019 from 5pm to 7pm. The evening will be spent by a fireplace at The Whaler (39 Salamanca Place, Hobart) with mulled cider available on tap. The table is booked under APECS Oceania and the warm glasses of mulled cider are $10 per glass – of course there are other options.

Come by and meet other APECS Oceania members, get warm, and enjoy the company. You are more-than-welcome to bring a guest, who may be interested in becoming a members of APECS and APECS Oceania.


ECRs wanted for Polar Week, September, 2019!

APECS Oceania is looking for early career scientists to give a seminar talk during the September APECS International Polar Week! The seminar will be about one polar topic (free to choose!) with three speakers to represent different perspectives, finishing with a panel discussion plus questions from the audience. The seminar will be at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies in Hobart, limited travel funding is available for speakers and video link can also be arranged.

We are open for ideas about seminar topics and for suggestions of presenters! We also encourage you to organise your own event if you have enough interest locally but get in touch and we can cover different topics on different days.

For further information, please contact apecs.oceania@gmail.com or find us on social media – Facebook or Twitter.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Polar Week, March, 2019)

APECS Oceania Stats at a glance (as of March, 2019):

  • 74% female members and 26% male members (globally APECS is 58% female, 41% male and 1% prefer to not say);
  • ~5% of all global APECS members!;
  • 56% PhD Students, 14% Post-doctoral, 12% Master Students;     
  • 128 members (82 from Australia and 46 from New Zealand).

What APECS Oceania is doing to celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion:

This year APECS Oceania will be joining up with @PolarPride and @500QS (500 Queer scientists) to help promote diversity, equity and inclusion throughout APECS Oceania from events, online news and social media output as well as at talks, symposiums, workshops and conferences.

APECS Oceania also wants to get more members connected to polar events. If there is a talk, lecture or another public event that you want to participate in, but you cannot attend due to logistics (an event in New Zealand, meanwhile you live in Broome, for instance), please contact us and we will try organise a Zoom meeting so that you can have an online presence. Please keep in mind this is not a guarantee nor may it apply to paid conferences.

This Polar Week (March, 2019), reach out to your known members to celebrate not only polar research, but also diversity, equity and inclusion. In Hobart, we are encouraging all members who can make it to attend a local catch-up that will be held at the Hobart waterfront. It will be a “bring a plate” style picnic, celebrating diversity in people, culture and food requirements, equity in contribution, and inclusion of all members (of course logistics can restrict participation). The picnic will be on Saturday the 23rd of March at 3pm. Please contact us with any enquiries.

If you have any ideas on how to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in APECS Oceania please Contact Us, jump on our website or visit our Facebook page .


Don’t forget membership to APECS and APECS Oceania is free, so tell all your fellow budding polar science peeps to join in! We encourage researchers of all three poles to join (North, South and Himalayas). To join, visit our Join Us page or go to the APECS International website.

APECS Affiliates:

APECS is affiliated with SCAR, IASC, CliC, Antarctic Science Ltd., the Alfred Wegner Institute, The Norwegian Polar Institute, and many more! Visit the APECS International website for a full list of partners and sponsors globally as well as to find job opportunities, scholarships, conferences and much, much more!!