Future Events

Social Events

Social events for the entire APECS Oceania is impossible, as we are spread out and it would be extremely costly just to get everyone together. We hope to arrange local social event for each area (Christchurch, Hobart, Melbourne, as examples). If you are interested in a social event or a local mailing list for social event, please do not hesitate in contacting us. Please be aware that alcohol ought not to be the focus at these events.

Polar Week

September, 2019

Seminar Series

APECS Oceania is looking for early career scientists to give a seminar talk during the September APECS International Polar Week! The seminar will be about one polar topic (free to choose!) with three speakers to represent different perspectives, finishing with a panel discussion plus questions from the audience. The seminar will be at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies in Hobart, limited travel funding is available for speakers and video link can also be arranged.

We are open for ideas about seminar topics and for suggestions of presenters! We also encourage you to organise your own event if you have enough interest locally but get in touch and we can cover different topics on different days.

For further information, please contact us, or find us on social media – Facebook or Twitter.

Polar Quiz

APECS Oceania is teaming with BOTES (Bottom of the Earth Society) in Hobart to conduct a polar themed quiz during Polar Week.  More information will be available soon!

Local Social Catch-Ups

During Polar Week in September, 2019, we hope to host Local Social Catch-ups. There is already one for Hobart in the pipe-works involving ice-skating in Glenorchy, which will be clarified or amended in, and confirmed after, the next executive meeting. Local social catch-ups in other areas will also be discussed and confirmed.

Arts-Science Collaboration

APECS International is interested in having local Arts-Science exhibitions. The concept is to exhibit science communication through art by local artists during Polar Week. This, however, may be ambitious for 2019, and may commence instead in Polar Week in September, 2020, after SCAR2020.

2nd APECS Oceania Symposium

APECS Oceania is preparing for the 2nd APECS Oceania Symposium. In 2018, it was held in Melbourne, Victoria. We are hoping to hold the next APECS Oceania symposium in New Zealand in collaboration with either Polar Week or Antarctica Day. Details are yet to be confirmed, including date, location, keynote speakers, theme and sponsors; so please watch this space for future developments.

There has also been quite a bit of feedback asking whether we will be holding the / a symposium in Hobart, Tasmania. We are aiming to spread the love and plan to host a symposium in Hobart, as we do appreciate that logistics, transport and finances for everyone is different, and it can be difficult to attend as an early career polar scientist due to restrictions (passports and flying across Oceania are still costly).

Please remember that the symposium can be attended online in a webinar style. If you have any enquiries, or are interested in helping develop the next symposium, please contact us.

Antarctica Day

1st December, 2019

APECS Oceania will be holding or participating in (an) Antarctica Day event(s) in Australia and New Zealand. Please watch this space.


4th to 14th December, 2019

Queenstown, New Zealand

This is the first Southern Hemisphere Conference on Permafrost (SouthCOP). To find out more about SouthCOP 2019, visit the SouthCOP2019 website. Here is a quick blurb from that website:

“This conference will operate in a new format, with three-day field excursions offered before and after the conference session days. This will allow participants to make a roundtrip from Christchurch to Queenstown, with visits to glaciers and glacial lakes, the South West New Zealand World Heritage Area and Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, cultural points of interest, and scenic spots to discuss glacial and periglacial landscape development.”

SCAR Open Science Conferences

31st July to 11th August, 2020

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

This will be the 9th biannual Open Science Conferences delivered by the Scientific Community on Antarctic Research (SCAR). To find out more about the SCAR Open Science Conferences, please visit the SCAR – OSC website. Here is an extract from that website about the conference:

“The SCAR Open Science Conferences are held every two years to draw attention to Antarctic issues. They provide an opportunity for scientists from a variety of disciplines and countries to present their work, to network and become more involved in SCAR science activities.”