There are many fellowships, scholarships, funding opportunities, training course and so forth that are offered by a plethora of sponsors and institutes for the early career polar scientist. An idea is to follow APECS Oceania on Facebook and Twitter, and joining our mailing list by becoming a member of APECS Oceania via the APECS International – Join Us website.

APECS Oceania occasionally posts career opportunities under Jobs & Opportunities, while the Links & Supporters gives a list of institutes and communities related to the polar early career scientist, which are highly recommended to be explored.

APECS International

For an up-to-date database of APECS related career resources and opportunities, including job opportunities, scholarships, fellowships and other resources; please visit the APECS International – Career Resources website. There, they list jobs (APECS International – Job Board), funding (APECS International – Funding), webinars (APECS International – Webinars), and graduate programmes (APECS International – Graduate Programmes).  To get you head around the number of acronyms that are used in polar research, please visit the APECS International – Who’s Who Acronyms database.

Scientific Community on Antarctic Research (SCAR)

SCAR offers some resources that are available to the (early career) polar scientist. You can access their data via the SCAR – Data & Databases website, and access their library via the SCAR – Library website.  The SCAR communities offers fellowships and awards on  the SCAR – Fellowships and Awards website, promotes women in science (SCAR – Women in Antarctic Research), leadership (SCAR – Horizon Scan), and offers continued education (SCAR – Conferences and Symposia).

Nature Careers Toolkit

Early career researchers face myriad challenges in their working lives. Making an appropriate CV, finding funding for their projects, or deciding what they want to do when they finish their degrees are all crucial turning points in any scientist’s career, and modern research can be an unforgiving place for those who aren’t prepared. Nature Careers has provided a guide to the working world of science. 

Guides available here…