There are many fellowships, scholarships, funding opportunities, training course and so forth that are offered by a plethora of sponsors and institutes for the early career polar scientist. An idea is to follow APECS Oceania on Facebook and Twitter, and joining our mailing list by becoming a member of APECS Oceania via the APECS International – Join Us website.

APECS Oceania occasionally posts career opportunities under Jobs & Opportunities, while the Links & Supporters gives a list of institutes and communities related to the polar early career scientist, which are highly recommended to be explored.

APECS International

For an up-to-date database of APECS related career resources and opportunities, including job opportunities, scholarships, fellowships and other resources; please visit the APECS International – Career Resources website. There, they list jobs (APECS International – Job Board), funding (APECS International – Funding), webinars (APECS International – Webinars), and graduate programmes (APECS International – Graduate Programmes).  To get you head around the number of acronyms that are used in polar research, please visit the APECS International – Who’s Who Acronyms database.

Scientific Community on Antarctic Research (SCAR)

SCAR offers some resources that are available to the (early career) polar scientist. You can access their data via the SCAR – Data & Databases website, and access their library via the SCAR – Library website.  The SCAR communities offers fellowships and awards on  the SCAR – Fellowships and Awards website, promotes women in science (SCAR – Women in Antarctic Research), leadership (SCAR – Horizon Scan), and offers continued education (SCAR – Conferences and Symposia).