APECS Oceania hosts and participates in many events, many of which are listed below (both past and future events).  These events may be held in Australia, New Zealand or online. 

APECS Oceania 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

October 2020

The APECS Oceania Annual General meeting will be taking place next month on the 15th October. We would like to offer you a warm invitation to come and join us. 

When and where? 
Thursday, the 15th October
10am – 12pm (AEST), 12pm – 2pm (NZT)
Via zoom: 

What happens at the AGM?
The AGM is where we review the year’s achievements and events and discuss what comes next. This year, the AGM will include: 

  • An overview of the 2019-20 annual report
  • Election of the new committee members (stay tuned for an email about the nomination process)
  • The presentation of the draft APECS Oceania strategic plan, with the opportunity to give feedback and input.
  • The launch of the 2021 ECR Seminar Series, with the opportunity to tell us what type of seminars you would like to see, or even to put your hand up to deliver a seminar of your own. 

Who can come?
This AGM is open to all APECS Oceania members. In particular, we’d really like to extend a welcome to our newer members and those who haven’t attended any of our events before. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, get involved in some activities, and learn about the organisation that represents you.  

Do I need to register? 
No need to register, just turn up! 

Call for nominations 
We are looking for nominations for:  

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • National representatives (2)
  • Council members.

See here for role descriptions- APECS Oceania Leadership Roles

What you can get out of a role in APECS Oceania for career or personal development? Check out the experiences of former and current members.

This is how it works: 
Nominate yourself by the 11th October by filling out this form. Instructions on voting will be circulated on the 12th October, closing 14th October with the elected nominees announced at the AGM on the 15th October.

All APECS Oceania members are invited to nominate for a position, participate in the voting and attend the AGM!

Polar Week Celebrations

March 2020

Field Work Photo Competition

We are running a polar field work competition to celebrate Polar Week. The entrants will be in the running for a fun prize pack sponsored by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies – IMAS , University of Tasmania.

Check @APECSOceania on Facebook for the shortlisted entrants and to vote!

Monday 16th March Science and Poetry: Linking the Two Poles”

7pm  (NZT), AUT University, WZ Building, Level 4, Room 416 & online via Zoom

Facilitated by Dr Barbara Bollard-Green, Geospatial Scientist and Laetitia Laubscher, Antarctic Poetry Exhibition Founder

This novel lecture and workshop will bring together the seemingly opposite worlds of science and poetry. Dr Barbara Bollard-Green will discuss her latest scientific work – using 3D mapping technology to help protect remote Antarctic environments – while Antarctic Poetry Exhibition founder Laetitia Laubscher will discuss the importance of emotive science communication as well as introducing the concept of science poetry, getting you to create your own polar science-inspired erasure poems. 

Suitable for people at all levels of experience with poetry or science, this workshop is aimed at poets, scientists, science communicators, citizen scientists, and anyone else interested in writing poetry scientifically or science poetically. Hosted by the AUT University, participants will simultaneously take part in the workshop in person in Auckland as well as online through the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) Art platform and the APECS Oceania platform.

Thursday 19th March“Stories from the Antarctic Cities”

1-2pm (AEST), Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania (Salamanca), Flex Space.

What do the cities of Hobart, Christchurch, Punta Arenas, Ushuaia and Cape Town have in common? What happens when you send one young person from each of these cities on an expedition to King George Island? This free lunchtime lecture will share stories and findings from the Antarctic Cities Research Project, an exciting research collaboration investigating the linkages between the Antarctic gateway cities:

Polar Week Celebrations

September 2019

Saturday 21st September – Hobart local social catch-up; ice-skating! Glenorchy Ice Skating Rink Hobart (327 Main Road Glenorchy). Catch-up with the Hobart APECS Oceania members over ice-skating from 2-3.30pm.  $20 per person. More information here

Monday 23rd September – Melbourne local social catch-up. Meet and catch-up with Melbourne APECS Oceania members over drinks and/or dinner. Drinks 6.30-7pm and dinner 7pm, South Yarra (venue TBA). More information here

Tuesday 24th September – APECS/MASS Seminar Series “Human Perspectives on Antarctica” featuring Hanne Nielsen, Shaun Brooks and Jessica Melbourne-Thomas.  1.30-3pm (AEST), IMAS Aurora Lecture Theatre (20 Castray Esplanade Battery Point) or online via zoom (  Afternoon tea will be provided. More information here.

Wednesday 25th September – APECS Oceania Polar Art Webinar featuring Gabby O’Connor, “Art, Data, Audience and Disruption. Embedding Art in Antarctic Field Research”. 1.30-2.30 GMT via zoom (link available here). More information here.

Friday 27th September – APECS/BOTES Polar Week Quiz, IMAS Flex Space Hobart. Come catch-up and battle it out with fellow APECS and BOTES members of a quiz! 5-7pm, IMAS Flex Space (20 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point).  Drinks available for purchase and nibbles provided for free.  Book your tables now via More information here.

Wednesday 2nd October – APECS/Datatas “Antarctic Mapping” workshop, IMAS Aurora Lecture Theatre Hobart. More information here.

Regional Social Events

Social events for the entire APECS Oceania is difficult but we try to arrange local social catch-up regionally.  If you are interested in hosting a local social event please contact us.

Hobart Local Social Catch-ups

5th of July, 2019: The Whaler with mulled cider by the fire.

Local craft drinks by a warm fire (Photo: Nathaniel Young)

16th of February, 2019: Antarctica Exhibit at the Tasmania Museum and Art Galley (TMAG).

Photos: Nathaniel Young

Elections for the 2018 APECS Oceania National Committee

Want to join the APECS Oceania Executive Committee?

It’s easy! All you need to do is provide us with:

  • A basic biographical information (name, institution, contact details, country of residence and origin),
  • A brief bio sketch about yourself (e.g. research theme and interests, your hobbies, etc.),
  • A photo of yourself that we can use for the APECS website,
  • The names and contact details of two referees, and
  • A short statement detailing
    • Why you are interested in serving on the APECS Executive Committee;
    • How you would like to contribute to APECS as a member of the APECS Executive Committee.

What is the timeline for the election? The 2018 APECS Executive Committee elections are held at the Annual General Meeting on the 5th December, 2018. Nominations are to be submitted by the 30th November, 2018, to APECS Oceania via the following email: Please sumbit your application as a one-page PDF.=

To be eligible, you must reside in Australia or New Zealand and be a member of APECS Oceania. Not a member? Join today


2018 Polar Week Celebrations


28th September, 2018

Members of APECS Oceania located in Hobart teamed up with the Bottom of the Earth (BOTES) society at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) to host a quiz night in celebration of Polar Week. We had an excellent turn out, and an uneven distribution of meat and cheese among tables inspired creative team names.


“Marine Ecosystem Assessment for the Southern Ocean” (MEASO) International Conference

APECS ECR Conference Participation and Panel

8th – 13th April, 2018

Hobart, Tasmania (Australia)

measo pic

Members of APECS International and APECS Oceania raised their hands to help in the organisation of the MEASO conference and hold an event for ECRs. APECS members were integral to the success of the conference. From manning the registration desk and packing goodie bags, to rapporteuring discussion sessions.  Everyone came together to host an incredible panel for Early Career Researchers wanting to be involved in large-scale initiatives. The panel consisted of Dr Aleks Terrauds, Dr Indi Hodgson-Johnston, Dr Nadine Johnston, Dr Stephen Nicol and moderated by APECS ExCom member Jilda Caccavo. So much great insight and advice was given through personal experiences and questions from the audience. Panellists encouraged ECRs to get involved in initiatives as soon as possible and suggesting rappoteuring for a group/organisation that matches your interests as a good way to start getting involved.

Want to know more about the conference, click here.

1st APECS Oceania Symposium


Global change now, more than ever before, is threatening society and biodiversity around the planet. The Antarctic region is no exception, and whilst largely considered to be pristine, and a “nature reserve, devoted to peace and science”, it is actually at risk from multiple pressures. The Antarctic Peninsula has experienced one of the most rapid temperature rises in the Southern Hemisphere, and managing invasive species has been labelled as the number one priority of the Antarctic Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP). Tourist numbers to the region continue to grow and each year more countries are interested in joining the Antarctic Treaty System and being involved with the governance of Antarctica. We are only beginning to understand what these changes mean for Antarctic science, biodiversity and society.

What can the Oceania region do to help address future Antarctic challenges and in what way can we contribute to perpetuate the aims of the Antarctic Treaty and the Protocol for Environmental Protection? The 1st APECS Oceania symposium aims to bring together early career Antarctic researchers from across Oceania to address these questions and highlight what our region can contribute to tackling future Antarctic challenges.

Keynote Presenters:

Dr Gwen Fenton 

Gwen_Fenton2Dr Gwen Fenton is the Chief Scientist at the Australian Antarctic Division, where she is responsible for reviewing the Antarctic Science Strategic Plan and strengthening collaborations with East Antarctic partners such as China, India, Japan and France. Prior to her appointment as Chief Scientist, Dr Fenton led the Australian Antarctic Team that was responsible for Science planning and coordination for all projects under the Antarctic Science program. Also, Dr Fenton worked for the Tasmanian Government managing the states marine environmental policies. Dr Fenton’s PhD revolutionised our understanding of the age of an important fishery species, the orange roughy, revealing that this species is extremely slow growing, leading to significant changes in the management of the species.

Dr Aleks Terauds 

Aleks_Terauds2Dr Terauds is a Senior research scientist with the Australian Antarctic Division, his research focuses on understanding and modelling Antarctic and subantarctic species distributions, communities and broad patterns of biodiversity and the application of these insights to conservation and management. Dr Terauds is also the chief officer for the Standing Committee on the Antarctic Treaty System also known as SCATS. SCATS is the body tasked with developing SCAR’s scientific advice to the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) and its Committee on Environmental Protection (CEP), the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Seals (CCAS), and the Advisory Committee to the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP).  


This event is sponsored by Monash University.

2016-Monash_2-Black_NEW_TO SEND_RGB

Public Lecture

Gateway Antarctica

30th September, 2015

The battle for the last ocean

Elections for the 2018 APECS Oceania National Committee

Want to join the APECS Oceania Executive Committee?

It’s easy! All you need to do is provide us with:

  • A basic biographical information (name, institution, contact details, country of residence and origin),
  • A brief bio sketch about yourself (e.g. research theme and interests, your hobbies, etc.),
  • A photo of yourself that we can use for the APECS website,
  • The names and contact details of two referees, and
  • A short statement detailing
    • Why you are interested in serving on the APECS Executive Committee;
    • How you would like to contribute to APECS as a member of the APECS Executive Committee.

What is the timeline for the election?

The 2016 APECS Executive Committee elections follow a strict timeline.

19th November 2015 Announcement of APECS Executive Committee Elections sent out

19th – 30th November 2015: Accepting nominations

To be eligible, you must reside in Australia or New Zealand and be a member of APECS Oceania. Not a member? Join today

Applications for the APECS Oceania Executive Committee will be accepted from 30th November 2015. Please email your application as one PDF to

APECS Online Conference

The 2016 APECS Online conference will be held on 18 May. This conference will encourage scientific dialogues between early career scientists from multiple disciplines and backgrounds, with presentations on new research perspectives from a range of research fields. With increased attention on the changing polar environment and the future challenges this will bring, this conference aims to convey the broad range of new research currently being conducted internationally.

Session Themes

  • Biological – marine/freshwater/terrestrial
  • Geological/Environmental/terrestrial cryospheric environments
  • Atmospherics/Climatology
  • Oceanography/Sea-ice
  • Cultural/Historical/Policy/Education

To register for the audience, and learn all about the future of polar research, please sign up here. For details on conference sessions, click here.

APECS Webinar

“Tell me more!”: Connecting with Lay Readers through Plain Language


May 6, 2015, 3:00pm GMT

APECS online webinar is pleased to introduce the last webinar of the 2014-2015 series:“Tell me more!”: Connecting with Lay Readers through Plain Language.

Registration URL: Click Here

1) Would you like to share your research with popular audiences?

2) Do you find it challenging to write lay summaries for grant applications?

This webinar should help you better respond to both of these situations: in it I outline the basic principles of plain language—simplicity, brevity, and clarity—and show you how to achieve them in writing. We will work with examples from your areas of expertise to illustrate how to apply these principles to scientific discourse. You should leave this webinar with a clear understanding of how to apply these principles to your own writing to communicate effectively with non-specialist readers.

If you would like to see worked examples from your own writing, please email a manuscript draft or publication to, and I will use some of your text in my illustrations.

Heather Graves is a professor at the university of Alberta working in the following areas: Rhetoric, writing studies, technical communication, business and professional communication. Her specialties are the rhetoric of science, writing studies in Canada, writing theory and pedagogy.

Webinars are interactive presentations and workshops, for which APECS uses the online conferencing program “GoToMeeting”. This live presentation platform allows participants to hear the presentation, see the power points slides and interact via chat box with the presenter the entire time. Webinars allow people to connect and participant in high quality research and skill training discussions from the comfort of their desk!

How to participate? Register and reserve your spot: here

For more information about this Webinar, contact On behalf of APECS, let me thank-you for attending this Webinar

2015 Antarctic Science Conference

“Antarctica – A Changing Environment”

A four-day conference on Antarctic Science being co-sponsored by NZARI and Antarctica New Zealand and hosted by the University of Canterbury. For more information please visit

Public Lecture

Gateway Antarctica

22nd April, 2015

Slug Gods and Sea Sickness: Seven Days in New Zealand’s Sub Antarctic Islands by Louise Hutt

Christchurch Antarctic Lecture Series e-flyer April 2 (2)